New Duraclean Franchisee Insurance Guide

We have written this page to help guide you through the process of filling out your applications, getting quotes, and binding coverage.

Package Policy

Package Policy Application

Since you are new in business you will enter no to any questions regarding claims. Please enter your “Full” business entity. Example; Duraclean Restoration by John Smith (the Duraclean name always comes first). On the receipts section, question 1. A is N/A (unless you are nearing 1 year in receipts). Your estimated receipts for the coming year are up to you, but most start-up franchises estimate $200,000 for their first year. You may breakdown the receipts below in your discretion. Please sign and date.

Property Policy

Property and Bailee Application

PART 1: Please enter the address of where you will be operating your business out of. Fill in all basic information up to question 11. Question 12 regards how much business personal property coverage you need. We recommend at least $10,000 for all new franchises.

PART 2: These questions regard your contractor’s equipment. Please enter your exact amount of your inventoried equipment in questions 1 and 2. Attach your inventory list with individual item values (if available). An inventory list will be needed to bind coverage!

PART 3: Bailee coverage is needed when you take custody or control of your customer’s property. Usually this happens when a pack-out is required or certain contents require restoration off-site. It is recommended that all new franchises purchase this coverage at a limit of at least $25,000 (question 5).
Use your best estimates for questions 2 and 3.

PART 4: Enter NO, then sign and date.

Automobile Policy

Automobile Application

Enter all basic information on the top part of the page. Under truck loss payee and additional insured enter your lessor if you are leasing/financing the vehicle. Leave the coverage information blank as we will provide all coverages according to Duraclean specifications. Vehicle Information: If you do not yet have your vehicle please enter as much information as you know it will be. The cost new should be the MSRP of the vehicle.

Get Your Quotes!

Email your applications to Brent Konieczny: or fax to 708-598-6686 Attn. Brent

Detailed instructions will be provided with your quotes on how to bind and what your payment options are.
If you have any further questions reply to the email above.